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Our mission

Executive Education is leveraging the Institute's trusted voice regarding international affairs to provide professionals with high-quality education on current topics.


Our approach

Our customer-centric approach is materialised through a learning journey built upon your learning and development strategy framework. We will build a partnership with your organisation and create an effective learning solution that will be immediately applicable, replicable and based on the learning philosophy of your executives.

Alternatively, we can also fine-tune one of our open enrollment programmes to fit your context, challenges and objectives, allowing your employees to gain ECTS credits towards recognised degrees. Our Institute is thoroughly equipped and experienced in delivering onsite, online and hybrid programmes. We can also develop asynchronous modules available anytime, anywhere, for your staff.

Our thematic expertise:

International Affairs /  Geopolitics / Diplomacy / Business and Public Policy / Trade / Sustainable Finance  / Sustainable development / Global health / Human rights / Gender / Migration / Conflict and peace-building / Environment / International development and cooperation / Technology / Cities


Our positioning

Our unparalleled positioning makes us a unique bridge builder between the international arenas, the public and the private sector. We enlighten decision-makers from all fields with knowledge and skills related to contemporary international affairs and current issues at stake.


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Executive Education Catalogue

Executive Education Catalogue

Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamedou



Director of Executive Education

"Whether in the corporate world, government, international organisations or civil society, today's actors urgently need an updated knowledge base and versatile skills. The dynamic depth of the Graduate Institute's Executive Education Programme offers such an edge on global affairs."

Eliane Ballouhey


Eliane Ballouhey

Executive Director of Executive Education

"The Graduate Institute is uniquely positioned to design programmes enabling organisations to make sense of the ever-changing environment they find themselves in and how it impacts the way they operate."

The Graduate Institute's customisation process



Eliane Ballouhey

Executive Director of Executive Education

Clients & Partners


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Press releases

Dr Mohammed Bin Hamad Al Thani

Sheikh Dr Mohammed Bin Hamad Al Thani, Director of Public Health at MOPH, stated, "We are proud to collaborate with GIG and HBKU-EEC on this important course as leadership is necessary, relevant, and important in public health practice. The course will enable the engagement, management, and transformation of the challenges we face at the national level. Moreover, it will also empower our capabilities to work and collaborate internationally to address global public health threats".

Read the full press release

Krystyna Wojnarowicz

Krystyna Wojnarowicz, Permanent Mission of Canada, stated, "We were pleased to have supported the 8th iteration of this important course on the international framework on the human rights of women for Geneva-based diplomats. Women's rights are human rights, and this course is a great opportunity to learn more about the various legal documents and how women's rights and the empowerment of women and girls are mainstreamed in the SDGs and the Women, Peace and Security Agenda".

Read the full press release

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