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Environmental peacebuilding training

Law, Policy and Science in Environmental Peacebuilding Training

In partnership with the Geneva Water Hub and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia
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The Geneva Water Hub and the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia have joined forces to develop a training course on “Environmental Peacebuilding” which will take place in Ljubljana.

In the last decade, environmental peacebuilding has emerged as a multidisciplinary approach that recognises the crucial role of the environment and natural resources throughout the conflict life-cycle.

This course aims to address the theoretical foundations, legal frameworks, and challenges associated with environmental peacebuilding, taking into account recent legal developments.

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Course objectives

  • Understand and explain how natural resources and the environment can influence armed conflicts and vice-versa

  • Assess the various components of peacebuilding, including the environmental dimensions in conflict and post-conflict situations

  • Evaluate the legal frameworks relevant to environmental peacebuilding

  • Identify and discuss the challenges and opportunities encountered in environmental peacebuilding



This training course is designed for militaries, law enforcement officers, international crisis management civilian personnel and diplomats.



The training course will be interactive and will include a combination of lectures, panel discussions, case studies and group activities. Sessions will be designed to enhance substantive and practical knowledge exchange with peers and facilitators.
Through this methodology, participants will gain an understanding of the conceptual, legal framework and strategies necessary for effective environmental peacebuilding.



The program offers full scholarships (covering travel, accommodation, and tuition) and partial scholarships (covering accommodation and tuition). During the selection process, priority will be given to participants from the military sector or those with proven expertise in managing international crises.


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How to apply


Application end:
30 June 2024

Fee: Free of charge (sponsored)


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